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The Vélo Bar is renewing!

To welcome you better, cycling friends,
we chose to close the restaurant.
It makes room for a café,
with tasting of delicacies and refreshments.
For us (re)discover,
our new website:
See you soon!









We are globetrotters and passionate cyclists, and  we would like to share with you the passion we have for cycling and nature.

Our journeys allowed us to experiment bicycle touring and to get to know its fans better.

We adapted our bikes to our touring holidays.

Then, our journeys and other touring cyclists inspired us and we felt there was an increasing need for creating social links around this particular activity.

We have been using our bikes for years as our main means of transport (to go to work, to the shops, or on holidays including week-ends...).

We are concerned about the environment and its protection and therefore we wish to promote some means of transport other than the car. So , we decided to share our experiences with other cyclists, whether there are urban cyclists, sportsmen or frequent travellers.

Nowadays, we make our bicycle last longer because of the economic crisis and of the increasing rejection of irresponsible consumerism.  Therefore, we have to maintain our bikes regularly and repair them when necessary.

That is why we propose the following services to you:

- "a repair shop" where your bikes will be repaired and where you will get some useful advice,

- a customisation of your bikes (for touring, for example),

- a documentation area about bicycles and cycling,

So if you need to repair a spare part, to make your bike fully checked, to get advice to maintain it by yourself or simply like to discuss with other cyclists, pop in to see us!

We are waiting for you! you can also discover our organic products: coffee, tea, fruit juice, Anjou wine or beer, etc. and our lunches prepared with fresh, healthy, organic products and locally producted or fairly traded.

Last edited: 23/05/2019